Side stripes high waist jeans

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<p>A casual wardrobe is denim or jeans, it suits to all shapes and size women and girls, Gives her comfortability, smartness to walk in day to day activities and a sexy personality. Jeans may have following styles Straigt-leg jeans, The Jackie Jeans, High Waist Straight Jeans, High Rise Skinny Jeans, Step-Hem Jeans, Paperbag Jeans, Crop Wide Leg Jeans. Tripper Jeans etc. etc.....Above is a blue stripped pencil jean.</p>
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<h4>About Design</h4>
<p>This is blue lining both the sides as a perfect width strip.Having pencil design with skinny tight look</p>
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<p>Stretchable Cotton Denim, fake zipper. tie die style in natural color</p>

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